Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Books

Ó Drisceoil, J. Bradley and M. Potterton (eds), 2017, William Marshal and Ireland, Four Courts Press, Dublin.

Ó Drisceoil and A. Walsh, forthcoming 2020, Excavations on the Black Pig’s Dyke, Aghareagh West, Co Monaghan, Wordwell, Bray.

Ó Drisceoil and E. Devine, forthcoming 2020, Excavation of a fourteenth century pottery production centre at Highhays, Kilkenny, Oxbow Books, Oxford.


Peer Reviewed Journals/Book Chapters

Ó Drisceoil, 2019 (forthcoming), ”Yet nothin is more certaine then death, nor more unncertaine, than the houre theirof’: Excavations in the chantry chapels of St Mary’s church, Kilkenny’, in C Corlett and M. Potterton (eds) Medieval Towns in the Light of Recent Excavations, Wordwell, Bray.

Ó Drisceoil, 2018, ‘From Gaelic church settlements to Anglo-Norman towns: problems and possibilities’ in H.B. Clarke and Sarah Gearty, More maps and texts: sources and the Irish Historic Towns Atlas, Royal Irish Academy.

Ó Drisceoil and A. Walsh, 2018, ‘New radiocarbon dates for the Black Pig’s Dyke at Aghareagh West and Aghnaskew, Co Monaghan’, Emania, Bulletin of the Navan Research Group No.24, 69-80.

Ó Drisceoil, 2017, ‘The Wider Castletown, the designed landscape of the Wonderful Barn and Barn Hall’, Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies, Journal of the Irish Georgian Society, volume 20, 83-97.

Ó Drisceoil, 2017, ”An endless tunnel under the earth’: the Black Pig’s Dyke in County Monaghan’, in P.J. Duffy (ed) Monaghan, History and Society, Interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish County, 17-48.

Ó Drisceoil, 2017, ‘Pons Novus, villa Willielmi Marescalli: William Marshal’s town of New Ross’ in C. Ó Drisceoil and J. Bradley (eds.), William Marshal and Ireland, Four Courts Press, Dublin.

Ó Drisceoil and E. Fitzpatrick, 2016, ‘The landscape and law school settlements of the O’Doran brehons, Ballyorley, Co Wexford’, in I. Doyle and B. Browne (eds), Medieval Wexford, Essays in Memory of Billy Colfer, Four Courts Press, Dublin, 383-415.

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Journals/Book Chapters

Editor of Old Kilkenny Review, Journal of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 (ongoing)

Ó Drisceoil, 2018, ‘Excavation of a seventeenth century bastioned fort at High Street, Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny’, Old Kilkenny Review 70, 46-77.

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